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Date: Sat May 16 1998 - 11:50:07 EDT

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>On this subject, what first grammar would the list recommend to someone
>teaching themselves who has just finished Dobson's course and has
>probably not had much experience of formal grammar before?

Such a list must perforce be very subjective- but I offer my ratings of your

> Giving the following * to ***** stars would be helpful
>I've ruled out BDF, ATR, Wallace, Porter, and Moulton-Turner as being
>too heavy. CBD doesn't list Smyth (because classical Gk?) but lists the
>following that look hopeful, none of which I have seen:
>Brooks/Winberry: Second Year intermediate grammar (too difficult?)

no- so it deserves *****

>Dana/Mantey: Manual Grammar of NT

The intermediate grammar I love the best- **********

>Easley: Common sense approach (must be a course?)


>Hewett J: NT Gk a beginning-intermediate grammar.


>Summers/Sawyer: Essentials of NT Greek (a coursebook or a grammar?)

really a coursebook. ***

>MacDonald: Greek Enchiridian (fossil)


>Machen J: NT Gk for beginners (probably a coursebook?)

yup- -* (I didn't really like this one at all.

>Mounce: Basics of Biblical Gk (ditto?)

yup - though ***

>Perschbacher W: NT Gk Syntax an illustrated manual

never heard of him or it.

>Rienecker F: Linguistic key to NT (a parsing manual?)

yup- I have the first german edition and find it really great help!!!


>Voelz J: Fundamental Greek Grammar


>- I assume the following do not include grammars:
>Friberg: Analytical Gk NT
>Han: Parsing Manual

both of these are no go's

>Which are the dogs, which are too heavy, which win the 400 metres?

Use Rienecker as you read the text; and use Dana/ Mantey.



Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology

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