Re: Re: 1 Tim 2:12

Date: Tue Jun 30 1998 - 23:31:17 EDT


Thank you for the clarification on what is meant by church. However, there are
a few things to keep in mind. First, prayer and teaching are two of the
primary things that the church does when it gathers together. Prayer and
teaching may not be restricted to this, but it makes sense for the public
gathering to be the primary referent. Second, the first century church met in
small house church gatherings, so "in every place" could be primarily refering
to the multiple gatherings within Ephesus. Third, the elders and deacons would
have functions within these gatherings but not restricted to them. Fourth, the
false teachers may be elders within some of these house churches and they may
be teaching error at the gatherings. Hence, the public gathering of house
churches seems to make the best sense for the primary referent for 1 Tim 2.

As for as MEINWSIN is concerned, a referent to husband and wife I guess is
possible, but it seems that the emphasis on women in this section makes an
application toward the women in the Ephesian church more likely.


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