Re: 1 Tim 2:12

From: Paul R. Zellmer (
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 23:50:54 EDT

Paul, I apologize because I apparently misinterpreted what you were
trying to say in your post. I admit that I sort of glossed over this
paragraph from your original posting, which may most accurately describe
what you hoped to accomplish with it. If that is the case, then perhaps
we are saying the same thing about the 1 Timothy passage *if* the case
put forward by Ward is correct. For I now see that the examples that I
spent most of my time discussing in my response were probably there to
show the unlikeliness of a license for women to teach and hold authority
over men who are not their husbands *if* this passage does not
specifically treat that issue.

Paul S. Dixon wrote:

> >> In summary, if we think that taking ANHR and GUNH refer to
> >> the husband-wife relationship only, and conclude from this that
> >> the woman may teach or hold authority over another man or men,
> >> then we have gone too far. It seems the burden of proof would be
> >> upon those who would wish to posit such an incongruous behavior
> >> of women.
> >>

My [edited] response:
> >Just because such an item is not explicitly forbidden does not require
> >it to be allowed. Yet that is the basis for your remaining points.

Paul Dixon's reaction:

> Wo, I totally agree with you on the first statement here, but I don't
> think
> it is what you meant, is it? The second statement is certainly totally
> off the mark, for I hope I would not be guilty of such reasoning.

My statement is exactly what I meant. What I apparently missed was that
you were making the same point, and I misread the illustrations. And I
was surprised, because, in my initial reading of your post, I saw you
making just that type of reasoning. That's just not like what I had
seen in you in the past, so I reacted to it!

I'm sorry I took you to be making a case that you were not.


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