Re: 2 Peter 1:1

From: Timothy Duke (
Date: Sun Aug 09 1998 - 18:45:00 EDT

Grammatically, as usual, many options are open to us; but is the most
likely suggestion that Peter is expanding on "ISOTIMON"?

I was taught that EN DIKAIOSUNE was adverbial with ISOTIMON ...LAXOUSIN
PISTIN with the sense as following:
" God is just/righteous to give you a faith as <<equally precious>> as I,
Peter the apostle..." {if He was less righteous you might not have had the
opportunity to receive such a precious faith}

This could be putting too much weight on one word, but it seems to me that
the ISO part of ISOTIMON would be redundant/inexplicable otherwise.

What think ye all of this from an exegetical point of view?

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