the sense of APOLEIA

From: Roy Millhouse (
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 21:57:37 EDT

Some recent discussion on the word APOLEIA has led me to some questions of
what the possible range of meaning is for the word. To wit, BAGD gives it
the sense of "the destruction that one experiences, annihilation both
complete and in process, ruin." While the word is commonly translated
"destruction" and BAGD cites several examples of "ruin," there are no clear
examples of the sense of "annihilation" given. Thus, my question is, can
one sense of APOLEIA be "annihilation" and what are some clear examples of
this sense? Basically, what I am wondering is whether the word leans more
toward destruction in the sense of ruin, destruction in the sense of
annihilation, or can it run the whole range from ruin to annihilation?

Obviously, there are some theological undertones in a question such as
this, but my intention is merely to flesh out an understanding of the word
itself. I am not interested in sparking a theological debate of any kind
and I hope that this will not precipitate one.

Thanks in advance!

Roy Millhouse
MA/NT cand.

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