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Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
> wrote:

> > When I first read this, I simply translated it as "Be having God's
> > faith." And I'm sticking with it because of the context of this
> > passage, which is a paean to the utter power of faith/belief, and is
> > showing us the quality of faith that is requisite for moving mountains
> > etc. Ordinary human faith is just inadequate. God's faith is not,
> > and is available to us...
> I wonder, then, in the light of this, whether PISTIS should not here be
> given its sense of "faithfulness" - and that what is being stressed by
> Jesus is that one should continually remind oneself (especially in
> contexts where "unbelief" begins to hold sway) of how faithful God is?

Well, it sure is in the present tense, so it requires maintenance,
yes? And it really does have an enigmatic flavor that can trigger a
lot of different 'takes'. One question that arises on this approach
is: How can a person 'be having' that which is not his, but God's?
God's faith is not really a faith that I can 'have' ~ Or is it? And
if I can have it, does that mean it can be appropriated by me? It
gets tricky quick! I like not understanding all the outworkings... By
way of honoring the mystery...


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