I have recommended this forum!

From: Glen Sample (sixthfloor@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 - 16:23:53 EDT

Ladies and Gentlemen of B-Greek,

I have very much enjoyed the discussions of this group, even though
I am not knowlegable about Greek. Your insightful comments and mature
disposition (in most cases) are what I find interesting.

In a discussion I had the other day, I recommended this forum to someone
who should find it interesting. His answer was:

"Why see what students in their late teens and early
twenties have to say?"

While many of you might be young students of Greek, I get an entirely
different "feel" from this group. In a nutshell, how could I describe
the B-Greek group? Are you just a bunch of "students in their late
teens and early twenties", or are you as I suspect - a knowlegable
group of cutting-edge Greek scholars?!

A B-Greek lurker,

Glen Sample

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