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Date: Fri Sep 04 1998 - 08:54:47 EDT

This is, strictly speaking an administrative problem and I think it must be
a glitch somewhere in the software, but since Edgar has brought the problem
again in a message distributed to the list, list members wondering what's
going on should at least have some idea about what the list adminstrators
have tried to do about this problem. Jonathan and I have both endeavored to
work this subscription directly through the list-administrator section of
the web site, where individual subscriber information is accessible and
subject to addition, alteration, or deletion, and I believe Nichael Cramer
has also done so. We've been unable to effect any change; the member list
shows Edgar subscribed exactly as above (<>), yet B-Greek
mail is not being distributed to him. I've even tried deleting him and
re-adding his name to the membership list. Now, since these measures have
worked in other cases, I'm wondering whether the problem may not be at the
other end. I noted that Edgar's mail in the present instance is coming from
a DNS that's resolved directly in numerical IP address; I wonder if that's
different from the normal server IP for Edgar's e-address. I'm just
wondering here "out loud"--and I wouldn't be airing this on B-Greek proper
if I didn't suppose that Edgar's message has alarmed others, as seems
indicated by Jim West's response. There IS a glitch somewhere, but I'm not
altogether sure that the glitch is in the Lyris software at Sunsite in
Chapel Hill.

At 7:29 AM -0500 9/4/98, Jim West wrote:
>At 05:24 PM 9/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>To b-greek:
>>I want to express to the group my frustration with the administration of
>>b-greek. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to participate in the discussions as
>>I used to.
>I wondered why we had not heard from you...
>>I tried to suscribe, but never received a return message that I was on the
>>mailing list.
>Maybe the new lyris software doesnt confirm like the old majordomoat Virginia.
>>To date I have not received one single communication. When I located the
>>web site and tried to register through that, I got the message that
>> was already on the list!
>That is most bizarre.
>>In short, I almost begin to suspect demons are on the watch here.
>I would hope not- your insights are always pertinent--- I cannot imagine
>for all the world that youare being intentionally blocked.
>>I have communicated with Edward Hobbs and Carl Conrad, both of whom, I
>>think, gave what aid they could. Still no respsonse.
>>If you have any suggestions, please respond to me at
>I think perhaps the thing to do is go to the webpage- leave b-greek, and
>then a little while later resubscribe. Maybe there is just some
>configuration glitch... and unsubscribing will clear it while resubscribing
>will get you on the list. In the meanwhile- I will be glad to post anything
>you write- and send anything posted... Just let me know if you wish this.
>Haben Sie eine Guten Tag, Freund!
>Jim West, ThD
>Quartz Hill School of Theology
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