Eisegesis, Exegesis, Epegesis, etc.

From: dalmatia@eburg.com
Date: Thu Sep 10 1998 - 12:18:43 EDT

Listmembers ~

I searched the archives and found nothing on eisegesis itself, but
simply its usage as a pejorative.

I am utterly unschooled in this term, and when Carl used the term
epexegesis a few days ago, I felt it was time to give my brain a stir.

Exegesis seems to come from John 1:18, referring to an action that can
only be undertaken by someone having certain qualities [being 'into
the breast of the father' etc.], and yet it seems to have acquired
another meaning in the schools. It seems to be used in
contradistinction to eisegesis, which is always a huge no-no, and
relates somewhat favorably with epegesis. So far, I really have only
a boo-hurrah understanding of these terms, plus the idea that exegesis
is somehow objectively provable by reference to the text, and
eisegesis is some kind of subjective interpretation of the text.
[Plus the idea in John 1:18 of 'leading forth with authority'.]

Does anyone have an objective definition of these terms? Are they
derived and/or found in the GNT? Are there other '-egesai'?
[subegesis, hyperegesis, antegesis, prosegesis, etc. come to mind.]

Thanks in advance...


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