Re: Eisegesis, Exegesis, Epegesis, etc.

Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 09:38:13 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> Let me try to absolve myself of as much blame as I can here.

Carl ~ You're about as blameworthy here as a St. Bernard puppy!!

> I don't really
> think that "eisegesis" and "exegesis" as used in a hermeneutic sense are
> either of them very CLOSELY linked to any ancient usage of the verbs,

I'm starting to get that sense of it...

> although ONE of the meanings of EXHGEOMAI is "interpret." "Interpret" is
> not quite the whole sense of the verb EXHGHSATO in John 1:18.
> hHGEOMAI means "lead." In the right context it may mean, "draw a
> conclusion" or "bring out what is implied"--and this, I take it, is the
> basic sense of EXHGEOMAI when it means "interpret" and when we use the
> hermeneutical term "exegesis" for interpretation of scripture (or even of a
> literary work or passage).

Interpretation does seem to be the key term here, with the polarities
of that which is implied by the text in contradistinction with that
which is NOT implied. Eisegesis then would be 'false inference'?

> "Eisegesis," on the other hand, is indeed a
> pejorative term, generally implying that one is "importing" into the
> interpretation of a text notions that are no more obviously present in the
> text than the persons or things that one fancifully sees in cloud
> formations are really present within them.

Chimeratic conjurations? Imported notions?

Sounds like falsehood and error to me!

Thanks Carl.


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