Re: Eisegesis, Exegesis, Epegesis, etc.

Date: Fri Sep 11 1998 - 10:03:56 EDT

Paul S. Dixon wrote:

> Well, since I was the one who brought up the question of an
> epexegetical KAI in Mark 6:2, I should get the chance to respond.
> My Classical Greek lexicon is at the other office, but a trusty Webster's
> Unabridged indicates the following:
> EISEGESIS - "[Gr. ... a bringing in; from EISEHEIQAI, to lead, guide] ...
> an improper method of exposition by which the expounder introduces
> his own ideas into the interpretation of the text."
> EPECEGESIS - "[Gr. ... a detailed account, from EPECEGEISQAI,
> to recount in detail; EPI, upon, ...] additional explanation; further
> clarification, as by the addition of a word or words."

Thanks, Paul ~

I was unaware of my spelling error for the word epecegesis. I think
I've got this one down, thanks to you and Carl and Phillip.

I am wondering how many of the Sunday sermons I have heard would be
vulnerable to the charge of being eisegetical. Most, I would
expect... And some of the best ones at that, where the issue being
addressed in the sermon is but marginally connected to the apparent
intended meaning of the writer of the passage being used in the
sermon. The text is used as a platform to address other issues that a
pastor sees as needing a focus. Yet the teachings of these sermons
are sound. The life of a working pastor does not, perhaps, allow
him/her the time for our rigorous approach to the Greek text as a
general rule. Nor, do I believe, is our forgiveness of his
methodology particularly relevant or indicated! :-)

But then, a sermon is not a Bible class, eh? Or is it? [Sorry ~ Not
a b-greek issue!]

I would like to hear more about just what hermeneutics is...


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