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From: Richard Lindeman (
Date: Sat Oct 17 1998 - 00:12:08 EDT

Sorry I didn't reply sooner. An exceptionally nice piece of software which
is in the public domain and is TOTALLY FREE is a program called "Seedmaster"
for Windows. You do need to be pretty computer literate to set it up...
but it supports multiple windows, multiple bible versions, and multiple
greek manuscripts. It also supports Thayers Greek Lexicon, and a number of
other excellent resources. You can also do searches on Greek text with it.
I use this program regularly and find that this piece of shareware is a well
designed Windows program and could probably be sold for hundreds of
dollars... as others like it are.

Just do a search for "Seedmaster" on the Internet and download the
files(Hopefully with a fast connection). But if you are not very computer
literate you may want to find a friend who is to help you set it up

Rich Lindeman

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From: Robert Bower <>

>I apologize if anyone has gotten this message before, but I sent it and I
>got a message back that said it didn't make it.
>I was wondering what everyone's opion is on the best Hebrew and Greek
>software on the market for the Win 95 platform?
>I have been debating between Bible Works or Logos.

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