Re: DIKAIW in Romans 6:7

From: James S. Murray (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 23:17:41 EST

I am new to b-greek and, like Mark, hope to learn much. I am finishing
my first year text, so you stand forewarned.

I was wondering if Acts 13:38, 39, which uses a similar greek
construction of DIKAIOUTAI (passive) with APO PANTWN, would aid in this
discussion. In this case, the idea seems to be linked with AFESIS
hAMARTIWN. If so, then DIKAIW might also incorporate the idea of being

Also, it seems to me that Paul directly links DIKAIW with APOLUTRWSIS in
Rom. 3:24. Possibly for Paul, justification and redemption are related
concepts or are like different sides of the same coin, so that in Rm
6:7, Paul may well have had "Freed" in mind, though not a freedom
independent from justification.


James Murray
Racine, WI

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