Re: DIKAIOW in Rom 6:7

From: Joseph Garnier (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 22:28:55 EST

On 02/11/99, "Chris A Vlachos <>" wrote:
> There is no valid reason to translate DIKAIOW in Rom 6:7 by the term >"freed". Unfortunately, the translators perhaps translated according to >what they misperceived to be Paul's argument in chapter 6.
I appreciate your reasoning. It caused me to reevaluate my understanding
of the word, and I have noticed a pattern throughout the GNT regarding its
> The forensic sense needs to be retained or else the logic of the
> passage is lost. Freedom from the law (i.e. justification) is the
> dynamo that unleashes the power of sanctification (see Rom 6:14).
> Notice how Paul elaborates on this in Rom 7:1-6. .
I have found that DIKAIOW does hold the meaning justify in every occurence
of it when it takes the active voice, but this does not hold when it is
passive. Striving to retain the forensic sense of the word, it seems that
the difference being expressed is transitive: God justifies, versus
intransitive: I am absolved. I went through each case and it works out
well with this understanding.
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