Re: Sheffield NT vols. on sale

From: One of the McKays (
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 16:42:10 EST

Has anyone received any of these books, that Rod told us about?
OR: do you already have them?

>Porter, ed., *The Language of the Greek NT: Classic Essays* list $70.00,
>sale, $10.00 (that's NOT a typo, it is ten dollars). This is a valuable
>collection of articles well worth owning.
>Porter and Carson, eds., *Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics: Open
>Questions in Current Research* list $60.00, sale $16.50. This contains the
>essays and responses that formed the basis of the 1991 Kansas City debate
>re. verbal aspect between Porter and Fanning, with responses by Silva and
>Schmidt + a very good intro. essay by Carson. There are also a number of
>other articles not related to the aspect debate.
>Porter and Carson, *Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek*
>list $65.00, sale $23.00.
>Sheffield's toll free # from the US is (800) 747-0374. Add 10% for
>shipping. And no, I have no connection with Sheffield and make no profit
from any sales.

I am thinking of ordering the first 2.

Any advice? Worthwhile?
Thanks for any help you can give.
David McKay

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