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Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 23:59:43 EST

At 9:42 PM -0000 2/9/99, One of the McKays wrote:
>Has anyone received any of these books, that Rod told us about?
>OR: do you already have them?
>>Porter, ed., *The Language of the Greek NT: Classic Essays* list $70.00,
>>sale, $10.00 (that's NOT a typo, it is ten dollars). This is a valuable
>>collection of articles well worth owning.
>>Porter and Carson, eds., *Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics: Open
>>Questions in Current Research* list $60.00, sale $16.50. This contains the
>>essays and responses that formed the basis of the 1991 Kansas City debate
>>re. verbal aspect between Porter and Fanning, with responses by Silva and
>>Schmidt + a very good intro. essay by Carson. There are also a number of
>>other articles not related to the aspect debate.
>>Porter and Carson, *Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek*
>>list $65.00, sale $23.00.
>>Sheffield's toll free # from the US is (800) 747-0374. Add 10% for
>>shipping. And no, I have no connection with Sheffield and make no profit
>from any sales.
>I am thinking of ordering the first 2.
>Any advice? Worthwhile?
>Thanks for any help you can give.
>David McKay

All of these volumes are worth what Sheffield is charging for them. (This
is the unbiased :-> opinion of someone who has written chapters for two out
of the three books.) I did not contribute to the first one in Rod's list,
but I've read it. It's well worth the money. The other two are collections
of selected papers presented to the Greek Language and Linguistics Section
at national meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature.

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