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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 09:31:37 EST

At 08:49 AM 2/26/99, Ed Gorham wrote:
>I agree that the best learning comes from reading through the text. In
>this regard, a most valuable tool is Wesley Perschbacher's "Refresh Your
>Greek". It is a GNT with the following additions: a basic NT vocab list in
>the front, a condensed reference grammar in the back, and helps on every
>page of the text to identify more unfamiliar forms and less-frequent words.
> It's beauty is that you can develop a better general proficiency reading
>through the text using just this book. Certainly for more in-depth analysis
>you'd want to consult the usual sources, and there is no apparatus for
>textual study. But personally I have found no tool more useful in helping
>me read and understand more. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has had
>basic NT Greek and wants to move on from there.

I like that book, though I haven't used it much. On my Little Greek Home
Page, I mention three works that I find very useful for identifying
unfamiliar forms and less-frequent words:

Zerwick's Grammatical Analysis is, IMHO, much better than the original
Rienecker/Rogers Linguistic Key, which I have but basically don't use.
However, there is a new edition that at least *sounds* pretty good, but I
haven't seen it.

Here is the listing for the newer work on

There's a fairly negative review of the work there by someone who would
certainly encourage you to get Zerwick. For a more positive review of the
Rogers book, take a look at this message, which shows you how to get a free

I have a lot of respect for Rod Decker, who wrote that review.

So the bottom line is this: I *know* Zerwick is great. I *suspect* Rogers
is probably pretty good too, but I can't say for sure without seeing it.

Hope this helps!

Texcel Research

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