Re: Subject: Teaching yourself Advance Greek

From: Ed Gorham (
Date: Fri Feb 26 1999 - 08:49:27 EST

I agree that the best learning comes from reading through the text. In
this regard, a most valuable tool is Wesley Perschbacher's "Refresh Your
Greek". It is a GNT with the following additions: a basic NT vocab list in
the front, a condensed reference grammar in the back, and helps on every
page of the text to identify more unfamiliar forms and less-frequent words.
 It's beauty is that you can develop a better general proficiency reading
through the text using just this book. Certainly for more in-depth analysis
you'd want to consult the usual sources, and there is no apparatus for
textual study. But personally I have found no tool more useful in helping
me read and understand more. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has had
basic NT Greek and wants to move on from there.
Ed Gorham

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