Re: Subject: Teaching yourself Advance Greek

From: Mark Harris (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 13:24:04 EST

    After numerous attempts to master Greek, I have decided the best way
for me to learn it is to "tie" the learning to the text. So as I work my way
through a book (currently Romans) I try to identify (guess, actually) as much
as I can. Then, depending on how much in-depth I want to get, I consult
tools and aids including Wallace's Grammar. Wallace's Grammar is very
helpful particularly with the Scripture index. So instead of memorizing
those 20+ genitives (like I did at one point), I am picking them up slowly
but surely through association with the text.

    I originally learned Greek in a couple of seminary courses using Goetchius.
When I had to take other Greek courses, I opened the notes and books
and tried to relearn it again. Eventually I bought Mounce's "Basics of
Biblical Greek Grammar" for review and loved it. However I did not get
the "Graded Reader" since my confidence (arrogance?) for studying the
GNT was fairly solid, as I had already done a few book studies.

    When I "knew" the 20+ genitives and went through Philippians,
it was a struggle and wasn't real fun, probably because I had to do it for
a class and consult lots of tools. Now I add variety, and at times just
simply read aloud the text and try to identify the vocabulary and syntax
at the moment without the serious study. And if I'm even halfway
successful I strut like a peacock for days. But the serious study is
easier now, partly because of sheer repetition and constant review.

    Of course if I were a younger student with more time to spare, then
I might change my approach. But for now I'm content to learn a little
at a time. Besides, there is nothing good on TV anymore. :)

Mark Harris

> Subject: Teaching yourself Advance Greek
> From: "Tony Stark" <>
> Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 20:33:40
> X-Message-Number: 35
> Hi, have anyone used "mounce's Graded Reader"and "Wallace's Grammar" to
> learn advance Greek on your own? My question is, how did you proceed and
> what information did you focus on? Also, for those who Teach these
> "Grammars", What methods did you use to help students retain the examples
> and master these books? Wallace's Grammar do not have exercises,so how do
> you help your students with these points? THANKS to all who respond to this
> message.Trying to learn these grammars on my own........HELP!!!!!!!!

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