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Subj: Greek NT editions available for purchase


Jack McGovern asks: ------>>>>>>>>>>

b-greek baby Greek luker here .... just a quick question. What editions are
available for purchase of the Greek NT? I currently have the USB 3/4 and
Nestle's 26 & 27th. Also I have the Robinson/Peirpont Majority Text and
some obscure edition of the TR. I am more interested in editions like
Tischendorf's, Westcott and Hort's, Farstads, etc. Do they publish these
editions or are they somehow joined in with a more modern version? CBD and
Amazon were no help, at least in my limited knowledge. Pardon my ignorance
but I am trying to get as much material available as I teach myself the


The answer is that Tischendorf's editions have not been published in this
century, and Westcott-Hort has not been done for a very long time.
Second-hand bookstores often have a copy of Westcott-Hort available
(no doubt because it was the standard student's text for a long time
before the Nestle editions became more readily available). But Tischendorf
editions are hard to come by. (Recently on this List I begged for someone
to reprint his Eighth Maior.)

>or are they somehow joined in with a more modern version?<

Actually, Tischendorf and W-H were two of the three editions used to
decide on the text for Nestle editions up through the 25th.

Edward Hobbs

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