Re: live discussions???

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 12:10:08 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>My own thinking about this--without having conferred, of course, with
>Edward Hobbs or Jonathan--is that this may well be a fine idea for those
>who wish to participate, but that it ought to be kept wholly separate from
>the B-Greek list, apart from an invitation with details of time and place.
>Personally, I think it would be best as something organized by private
>initiative and under the separate responsibility of one or more persons at
>its own site. [...]

I would agree completely here, that this seems exactly the way to approach

For my own, quite frankly ,I've never understood the appeal of live chat
boards. They've always seemed to me to embody all the disadvantages of
e-communication (i.e. absence of non-verbal cues; "clutter"; etc) while
having none of the advantages of real, face-to-face communications.

In short, to my mind one of the greatest advantages of this type of
interaction is _precisely_ its asynchronicity.

That is, I don't have to show up at 7:30 on Weds evening to participate in
such a discussion. If I want to throw in my two bits at 3:30 on a Weds
morning while sitting in my bathrobe, I can do so.

But this is more than simply a matter of personal convienence. I can sit
and think, or go and get a cup of tea, or just walk away for a day before I
respond. I'm under no pressure for an immediate response and --ignoring
all evidence to the contrary-- I like to think I can better contribute to a
discussion under those circumstances.

Nichael Cramer                           nulla dies sine linea

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