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From: Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1999 - 17:52:13 EDT

Don Wilkins wrote:

One thing that probably should be added regarding
the original question is that *copies* of ancient mss are no better--
and certainly a lot more laborius to
use--than a good compilation like N/A or (far better) Swanson. What one
really needs in order to go beyond these limits are *facsimiles* of mss.

I don't know English very well. Of course, I don't want a copy, if that
means the work of an ancient copyist. I think that *facsimiles* is what
I want, things like good jpg, gif or eps images. Anyway, people from
B-Greek have sent me many very good images of manuscripts. The
information I wanted was in manuscripts P66 and P75. I discovered that
reading the manuscripts proved to be easier than I expected. I think that
familiarity with the text explains why it was so easy.

I have a few questions about these manuscripts (P66 and P75). Where are they?
How old are they? The Internet was really a fantastic technological advance.
Ten years ago, living in a small Brazilian town, I would never expect to
examine a third century manuscript, or make contact with scholars like
the members of B-Greek!

I already thanked all persons who have sent me images of manuscripts
in off-list mail, but since one should never get tired of showing his
gratitude, I want express my appreciation once more. This does not
mean that more scans of manuscripts are not welcome. If you have
more scans, you can send them to Dr. Costa's address, who will
process them to increase the contrast, print them, and handle them to me.
I will read them respectfully many times, take note of the beautiful
characters, try to imitate the hand writing of the copyist, frame them,
and put them in the wall of my office :)

E. C. Navarro

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