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Date: Wed Apr 14 1999 - 08:24:26 EDT

RE: the best commentaries on Ephesians

Andrew Lincoln's commentary in the Word series is also very good, one of the
best of that occasionally distinguished series. It's Barth's equal in most
areas--in fact, I probably prefer Lincoln (although I sometimes hate the
Word series' format). It's cheaper than Barth, and the bibliography is more
up to date.

Either will serve you extremely well. I also liked Mitton, though not
nearly as much as the big two (Lincoln and Barth). I've not looked at
Ernest Best (the newest major critical commentary on Ephesians, in the new
ICC--I understand it's now available).

I've gone through a couple of dozen modern commentaries on Ephesians, and
found most to be less than satisfying. I didn't care for the offerings from
F. F. Bruce and Ralph Martin, for example--they're not bad, they just didn't
seem very useful to me. Lincoln and Barth helped me answer the questions I
wanted to answer, the others didn't.

Perry L. Stepp

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