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From: Moon-Ryul Jung (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 10:58:12 EDT

Carl wrote about using Greek fonts for B-Greek:

 On the other
 hand, although you say it is frustrating to try to transliterate lots of
 Greek, I would submit that (1) it would not be less frustrating--until
 has gotten used to it--to learn to type a whole new alphabet together
 its diacritical marks than it is to learn the transliteration scheme.
 I had
 enough trouble with the transliteration scheme myself owing to the fact
 that several characters are represented in our transliteration scheme by
 keys on the keyboard that are different from those I use to type my
 GreekKeys font. I think, therefore, that it would be worth the effort to
 acquire the facility to use the transliteration, since it will be just as
 frustrating and time-consuming to learn a new font-keying--and my guess
 that once we have such a font available, we'll still see several
 list-members continuing to use one of our current transliteration
 and we may still see some continue to do what I find particularly
 annoying--paste in from their own GNT Study software the characters which
 look fine on their own screens but appear as gobbledygook on the screens
 others who don't have that font installed in their own systems.

I would like to agree with Carl. I recently learned B-greek
transliteration scheme. After trying to post my questions in this
scheme and reading other posts, now it is no problem for me. In fact,
this transliteration scheme is much easier than all of Greek fonts, e.g.
Sgreek, SPloine (?), and others, as Carl said. I managed to memorize
Sgreek fonts because the bible software I am using, Bible Windows 5.5,
uses Sgreek font. But it was an accident I use this particular software.
If this is true of many persons, then requiring a particular greek font
for B-greek would be too much a burden, and will create a communication
problem. So, I think that the most simple common ground,
like the current scheem, would be better.


Moon-Ryul Jung
Assistant Professor
Dept of Computer Science
Soongsil University
Seoul, Korea

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