Re: reading the NT- from a Greek worldview or a Hebrew???

Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 20:20:44 EDT

Christ is risen!

"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:
> the development of the voice system in ancient Greek
> generally: what I'm still wanting to understand is how the Greek spoken and
> written by NT writers, however deeply UN-Greek and fundamentally Hebrew
> they may theoretically have been, is radically different from the Greek
> spoken and written by their contemporaries elsewhere in the ancient
> Mediterranean world.

Carl, I just happened to think of a really fascinating article about
the same sort of influence and development you're investigating here,
only with regard to Western and Eastern European languages; you might
really be interested in it.

See F. Borkenau, *End and Beginning: On the Generations of Cultures
and the Origins of the West" (Columbia U. Press, 1981): "The rise of
the I-form of speech", pp. 133-201.

Indeed he is risen!

John Burnett, m.a.

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