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From: Ray Clendenen (
Date: Tue Apr 20 1999 - 14:05:23 EDT

Ray Clendenen@BSSBNOTES
04/20/99 01:05 PM

There are many resources for dynamic/functional equivalence. One is Jan de
Waard and Eugene A. Nida, _From One Language to Another: Functional
Equivalence in Bible Translating._ Nelson, 1986. Another is J. Beekman and
J. Callow, _Translating the Word of God". Zondervan, 1974.
On the other side I suggest Robert Thomas, "Dynamic Equivalence: A Method
of Translation or a System of Hermeneutics?" _Master's Seminary Journal 1
(Fall 1990): 149-75. Also see the booklet by James Price, _Complete
Equivalence in Bible Translation_. Nelson, 1987. The latter may have to be
aquired from the author at Tennessee Temple in Chattanooga.
Ray Clendenen
Broadman & Holman

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