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Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 12:13:15 EDT

> The brief responses already on this question demonstrate why we don't
> normally try to deal with questions of this sort that don't depend on the
> Greek text as such but are posed to the Biblical text in general--or in
> translation: there's a whole spectrum of approaches to the historical
> traditions underlying the Biblical narratives as well as to their
> historicity--and once we start getting into these alternative approaches
> and questions of historicity, we are into things that are (a)
> controversial, and (b) generally not answerable strictly in terms of the
> Greek text. This is not a list for discussion of Biblical questions in
> general. Quite sufficiently controversial for us is how the Greek text in
> particular contexts is to be understood.

I think Carl is right here. Well never resolve our differences in this
area so why go on endlessly quibbling about it.

An excellent study of the history of "Historical Criticism" which looks
primarily at it's development in Germany over the last 300 years is
currently available from Christian Book Distributors at a remainders
price of $3.95. The name of the book is "Biblical Hermeneutics" by
Gerhard Maier, Crossway 1993. The title is a little misleading since the
book is really a history of German biblical scholarship not a text book
on hermeneutics.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the
historical development of biblical studies.


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