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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 06:12:39 EDT

On 12 May 99 at 6:24, Ed Gorham wrote:

> A little computer assistance would be appreciated.
> I have both SPIonic and Mounce fonts, which I downloaded some time ago. My
> problem is being able to use them on my web browser. With some web sites, such
> as Perseus, I can engage the font by clicking on a button they provide. But on
> others (like the Vocabulary site Mark Goodacre referred us to yesterday),
> where there is apparently no button I can click to engage the font, I should
> be able to access it somehow, since it is in my computer. Correct? How do I
> do that? I have Windows 98, and I'm using Explorer as my browser. Any
> step-by-step help would be appreciated.

(1) As Moon-Ryul Jung said, check that SPIonic appears in the font directory,

(2) If it does, then the problem relates to either (a) the version of Explorer
that you are using or (b) the way that Greek Vocabulary Builder is set
up in relation to your version of Explorer. Someone else wrote to me to say
that they could not see the Greek fonts in the Greek Vocabulary Builder in
Internet Explorer. I can see it my version and so too with Netscape Navigator.
 What I suggest is that you try looking at other sites that use SPIonic to see
if it shows up in your version of Explorer, e.g.:

If SPIonic shows up where it should here, then the problem is specific to
the way Greek Vocabulary Builder works in some versions of Internet Explorer.
If SPIonic does not show up here, then I would suggest either of the following:

- Get hold of a more recent version of Explorer
- Get hold of Netscape Navigator
- Check once more that SPIonic is installed in C:/windows/fonts.

Hope that this helps.


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