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Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 18:57:05 EDT

The original question was from Byron Knutson

Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

> At 11:04 17/06/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >I know this isn't a BGreek question, but it does have to do with Greek. I
> >am compiling some lists of Greek vocabulary for different books. I would
> >like to be able to able to compare the files for those words that are unique
> >to each list. Is there a Windows 95 program out there that will do this?
> >The files are in Word97 format and Excel97 format right now.
> You already have the tool -- it's the Compare Documents feature in
> Microsoft Word.

While Maurice's response will work *if the documents are almost identical*, my guess
is that this will not give Byron the results he needs. It looks to me like this is
at least a two-step process. Byron, you will first need to make up lists (in
alphabetical order) of the vocabulary found in each of your documents. After that,
you can compare the vocabulary lists in the way that Maurice describes, although it
would be just as simple to do so manually after all that list-building is done.

SIL has a program called Shoebox. Use of it's interlinearizing feature may be
beneficial in building up the necessary vocabulary lists, since it allows the input
of and operation on text files. It will go through the text word-by-word and seek
entries already listed in various lists as previously defined. If it comes to a new
entry, it will ask if the operator wishes to add the entry to the list. Still, it is
by no means automatic, Byron.



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