Everett Fox Pentateuch **OFF TOPIC***

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 02:35:13 EDT

Everett Fox Pentateuch BOOK alert

The deluxe edition of Everett Fox's the Five books of Moses is going at
half price books for 19.95 (retail 60.00).

My old testament buddies tell me this book is a "MUST HAVE". So I
thought I would let you folks in Texas know so you could run out to Half
Price books and get one.

For you folks that are not in Texas check your favorite remainders store
and you may find it there. Often these remainders will also show up on
the WEB somewhere.



Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
Three Tree Point
P.O. Box 255 Seahurst WA 98062

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