Re: Everett Fox Pentateuch **OFF TOPIC***

From: David McKay (
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 15:30:12 EDT

Eric said:
> The Barnes and Noble Bookstore ... had a bunch of these "deluxe
> editions" for $12.98.

[But in] ... the Half Price Bookstore - THEY ARE - $19.95 EACH!

I have been caught doing the reverse. Going to the second-hand bookstore, or
record store, buying the "bargain," and seeing it soon after at half the
price at a regular store! Oh, the pain!

And one of the worst "sins" of the second-hand bookshop is when they sell
you an old tattered copy for 5 times the original price [fair dimkum!] and
more than the price in your regular outlet, which, you discover, has heaps
of brand new copies, sometimes in a better, later edition!

How do you say caveat emptor in Greek?

David McKay

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