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Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 12:38:04 EDT

At 9:07 AM -0500 8/10/99, wrote:
>>At 01:08 PM 8/9/99 -0500, Carlton wrote:
>>>I agree with the resources Carl has recommended, especially Smyth. For the
>>>person who thinks about ever teaching Greek, you should know the history
>>>which means Deissman, Robertson and many others. Robert Funk's three volume
>>>work plus the workbook has been very useful to me as a teacher. The aspect
>>>gurus are really doing us older heads a service, though we do not always
>>>see why we need to learn a whole new vocabulary.
>>Do you have any other info on Funk's 3-volume set? I'm assuming that it must
>>be the same as the "Beginning-Intermediate" volumes (labeled I,II, and III)
>>that I found not to long ago at a used bookstore in Cambridge.
>Yes, A Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of Hellenistic Greek, R.W. Funk
>>I'm wondering:
>>1. Is the workbook you mention part of this collection that I'm still missing
>>(and still in print)?
>I'm not sure, I got my workbook with the first edition. It's Workbook for
>A Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of Hellenistic Greek IV, Lane C. McGaughy
>>2. How does this relate to Funk's work with Blass/Debrunner?
>Very different. All except Vol II focuses primarily on Morphology and even
>the Syntax of Vol. II is organized differently than B-D. I find Funk much
>easier to use.
>>3. Any more specific impressions you might share?
>Thorough, excellent for teachers who want to have answers to students
>questions and their own questions.

I wish this text & reference book were still in print; it is the single
freshest approach to Hellenistic Greek that I have ever seen to date.
Perhaps even Clay B. might find something intelligent and useful in this
approach to Greek morphology and syntax. Maybe we ought to encourage the
appropriate sources to re-issue it; it was published, as I recall, by
Scholars Press rather soon after SP was formed, back when they were in
Chico, CA.

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