Re: Funk's 3-volume set

Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 11:28:11 EDT

Colleagues, and Perry:

Well, I can't be right all of the time -- or maybe even much of the time.
Perry Stepp has written me that Daryl Schmidt did in fact say just exactly
that he was revising Funk's 3-vol. textbook.

(In a kind tactic, he wrote me privately about this, rather than denouncing
me in public. So I get to publicize my error myself.)

If this is true (and I suspect it is, since Perry explicitly discussed this
with him), it probably means that Schmidt will quietly strip away the
structuralist trimmings and gobbly-de-gook, and retain the many good things
about the set--and, I hope, cast it into a more contemporary understanding
of language. When Daryl finished his Ph.D. 20 years ago last June, he
had strict orders from me to get a new, really usable, but really
contemporary, textbook for beginning Greek students (I think I said within
five years!--professors do dream, don't we?). This may be the alternative
mode of fulfilling that order.

Anyway, thanks to Perry Stepp for this clarification (and correction).

Edward Hobbs

-------------------Perry Stepp wrote-------------->>>>>>>>>>>>


>(3) I cannot believe that Daryl would want to revise Funk's textbook. That
>text was written entitrely under the spell of structuralism, well after it
>had been demolished by Chomsky's work in T-G (Chomsky did his doctorate
>under one of the greatest structuralists, Zellig Harris). Not only was
>Funk's text based on structuralism, it was based largely on the once-
>popular version of it as applied to English by C. C Fries.

This was precisely my understanding, however. Dr. Schmidt and I were
talking about Funk's *Beginning-Intermediate Grammar*--actually, we were
specifically talking about his review (in JBL?) of Winbery's *Morphology*,
in which he (Dr. Schmidt) comments on their debt to Funk. I mentioned that
I had been really impressed with parts of Funk's BIG, and Dr. Schmidt said
that he was in charge of revising it.

Unless I completely misunderstood him--which is possible, I suppose.

I'm sending an email to him. Hopefully he'll clear this up.

Perry L. Stepp

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