Revising Funk's (Notorious) B.I.G. (was re: Funk's 3-volume set)

From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 10:53:35 EDT


>Perry Stepp has written me that Daryl Schmidt did in fact say just exactly
>that he was revising Funk's 3-vol. textbook.

Dr. Schmidt and I did in fact exchange messages regarding this yesterday,
and my recollection was correct. He is part of a group working toward a
revision of Funk's (Notorious) B.I.G. (Beginning-Intermediate Grammar).
Schmidt indicated to me that the revision was (and had been for several
years) still in the planning stages, with little active work being done.

Most NT-specific introductory grammars I've looked at are just variations on
Machen. Won't it be great to have a real, updated, radical alternative?
I've often thought that, if I ever *did* finish my Ph.D. and take a position
teaching Greek (somedays a future in garbage collection looks more
promising) I'd likely use the *Athenaze* or something classically oriented.

Ah, well.

Perry L. Stepp

Pastor, DeSoto Christian Church
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