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> Cyrus Gordon, in Before Columbus (Crown, 1970, page108) says that Plato
> in Timaeus makes reference to a continent that seals off the Ocean to
> the west (America). Gordon does not give a reference in Timaeus so I am
> having difficulty finding it. I tried looking up HPEIROS in LSJ to see
> if there was a citation in Timaeus. This didn't produce anything.
> Anyone have an idea what this reference might be?
> I will go play with Persus and see what I find but I don't have much to
> go on.
> Thanks,
> Clay

OK, It looks like I found it (Whew!) Timaeus 24e-25a.

it was possible for the travellers of that time to cross from it to the
other islands, and from the islands to the whole of the continent [25a]
over against them which encompasses that veritable ocean.

Any theories on what Plato is talking about here? Not Atlantis, but this
other continent?


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