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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 05:59:11 EDT

At 10:37 AM +0200 9/9/99, Mark Markham wrote:
>Hello all,
>Since the word speak is used in this section regarding tongues and prophecy
>is it error to see this as a prohibition for these actions. Just look at
>the context and the Greek here-- ignore ch. 11 and other ergs in Timothy
>etc. What does this passage say and in it's context what does it mean? BTW
>the B-Greek archives have much information on this passage for

I'm not much inclined to think this particular passage concerns
glossolalia, but I have often wondered whether the classical Attic sense of
LALEW--"chatter,prattle"--was still current in Hellenistic Greek; I don't
find it in any of the NT dictionaries (L&N, Spicq, NAS Greek that I find
ready-to-hand) at home, but I seem to remember this suggestion being made
on B-Greek previously, and one Latin poem of Horace where he seems to coin
a name "Lalage," which must surely mean "chatterbox," isn't an indication
that this sense was indeed still alive, although LALEW is generally used in
the GNT as an equivalent of LEGW or even KHRUSSW. It seems to me to make
sense that Paul is here referring not to women's participation in the
liturgy or sharing parts of the gathering but rather to idle chatter of a
disruptive nature.

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