Re: 1 Cor 14:34 -- LALEIN

From: Blahoslav Číčel (
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 03:53:49 EDT

Dne So, 11 z‡ż’ 1999 jste napsal(a):
> Colleagues:

> Ande if Paul did write it, he really WAS a misogynist! (Women chatter;
> they interrupt services; their husbands are smarter than they are, and must
> explain things at home; unmarried women will have to remain uncorrected.)

Was Paul misogynist or it was the society in Paul's time?

I suppose that most of the women were illiterate or of poor education. It was
not because of lack of intelligence but because of the circumstances. If this
was true, then Paul might be reacting to the facts without any miso-what bias.


pastor, Most, Czech rep.

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