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Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 13:21:26 EDT


     I am appalled! Paul, when he is trying his best to make an important
point many, many times, uses the simple technique of rephrasing that point in
the following verse. Here, for example, he plainly states in I Corinthians
14:34 "...women keep silent..." and "...they are not to speak..." and
"...they are to be submissive...". Then, to make sure you get his meaning on
the role of women in the Church, he further simplifies by saying in verse 35,
"...let them ask their husbands at home at home..." and finally adds "...for
it is shameful for women to speak in church."

     Now, as is also the manner of the Apostle Paul, if by some chance you
might possibly not read one of his books you will get his point when you read
another of his books. Paul was a great believer in the old fashion
educational ploy of REPITITION!!! So...while you are reading his first book
to young Timothy, suddenly you come to chapter 2 and he is
again...plainly...explaining the women's role in the Lord's Church. In verse
8, he instructs the men in what they are to do. In verses 9,10, he further
instructs the women in what they ARE to do. Now, in verse 11, Paul begins
AGAIN to instruct the women in what they ARE NOT permitted to do in the
Lord's Church. He first says, "Let a woman learn in silence with all
submission." You gotta give Paul an A+ for consistency. Sounds very
familiar! Sounds exactly like what he to the Church at Corinth in his first
letter. Now, as is the manner of Paul, it just might be that Timothy didn't
understand his admonition about women so, he repeats it in verse 12, " And I
do not permit a women to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in

     You gotta really dig deep back into Greek, philosophy, history, and many
other of man's inventions to misunderstand Paul's intent here to relay to the
Corinthians, young Timothy, as well as us today. What part of "silent,"
"submission," "authority," "speak," and "permit" do we not understand?

     To clarify, Paul continues, in verses 12-15, to explain the WHY God does
not permit the women to have a leading role in the services of the Church.
God knows how he created man, he knows how he made woman, and he knows who is
best equipped to lead the Lord's Church. He inspired the Apostle Paul to
instruct us in just the manner of leadership in the Church that would please
him if we would be obedient to his commands.

     Now, if we can figure out a way that a woman can take part in the
services of the Lord's Church:
          1. Without saying anything.
          2. Without making any sound.
          3. When no Christian men are present in the Church.
then...and only then...according to God's Word...could a woman take part...a
leading the services of the Lord's Church!


                                                           D. R. Woolery,

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