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>KANWN is used in Gal. 6:16 and 2 Cor. 10:13,15,16.
>In Gal. 6:16 it is referring to the 'rule' of a new creation. In 2 Cor.
>it is
>referring to a region where Paul wishes to preach the gospel.
>Can someone tell me whether it refers to a region of authority or
>influence in
>the sense of governmental region? Somewhat like the U.S. county or parish (I
>think Alabama uses 'parish'). Or is it more tuned to a cultural region, like
>the French district of New Orleans or China Town, only bigger?
>In short, is the connotation one of government or culture?
>Right now I'm leaning toward a meaning similar to the English phrase 'sphere
>of authority or influence.'
>Thanks ahead of time.
>Mike Sangrey
>Lancaster, Pa.
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> And faith should commend itself from within every 'do'.

Louw & Nida list KANWN under two domains:

Law, Regulation, Ordinance

They are, however, in no doubt, as to which categorry the Gal. usage falls:

33.335 KANWN -ONOS m : a rule involving a standard for conduct - `rule,
principle.' ....................... `as many as follow this rule' Ga 6.16.

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