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Date: Fri Sep 17 1999 - 16:35:00 EDT

<x-flowed>At 20:56 17/09/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Louw & Nida list KANWN under two domains:
>Law, Regulation, Ordinance

Apologies --- my posting was truncated.

Under the domain "Space" we find:

"an area of activity, defined geographically and functionally - `area,
sphere, territory.' .........`and shall not have to boast of work already
done in another person's area' 2 Cor 10.16.

BAGD see the 2 Cor usage very much in the geographical , functional sense:
"sphere of action or influence, province, limits"

The "middle"L&S [ Perseus doesn't have an entry for LSJ ] is more ambigous:
b. 'province', sphere of action, 2 Ep.Cor.10.15.


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