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<x-flowed>At 12:53 23/10/99 -0500, Steven Craig Miller wrote:

Hackett Publishing Company (and the copy which I've received) says that
"Greek Particles" is copublished in the UK by Gerald Duckworth and Company,
Ltd. (I tried to find a web address for it, but was unable.) If it is any
help, the UK ISBN number is: 1-85399-518-5.

Yes, I'm aware of all that, thank you; full details are available on the
Blackwell's of Oxford web-site at:,
including the price in sterling of 42 ( which translates to nearly $75 )
and which once more led me to complain about the profitable little
arrangements book publishers are still able to get away with, despite all
the free-trade rules.

There is a full bibliography,along with the following "Long Description"
giving some interesting details of the differences in the editions, which
may be of interest to list members.

This revised edition incorporates additional examples from the
original author in conjunction with K.J. Dover's own material. In
presenting the first (1934) edition, Denniston set himself to cut
down the etymological discussion which characterised his German
predecessors in the field. He was concerned to illustrate how
particles work and how they nuance Greek language within the
corpus of surviving work. His primary aim was "literary, not
grammatical or etymological". With this in mind he regarded
exemplification as the key, citing much more than his predecessors
in the belief that "the reader should be enabled to bathe in
examples". When Denniston died (1949) he left copious notes -
additional examples, changes of mind in the light of fresh
material; these were incorporated by K.J. Dover in the second
edition (1950) with new material of his own and the addition of indexes.


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