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From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 17:38:22 EST

Grant wrote:

> B-Greek,
> I have been searching on the Internet--with no success as of yet--for a
> web-site that gives a pronunciation of the Greek bible. While the Westcott
> & Hort's Greek files abound, I am searching for one that give me an AUDIO
> assistance so as to know if I am correctly pronouncing the words or just
> butchering them up.
> Does anyone know of any web-site that has the "pronunciation" of the Greek
> bible? When I say Greek bible, I mean any of the NT manuscripts--even the
> LXX. Please send me OFF-line any web-site someone may have found.

To my knowledge there is no site in which you'll find anyone reading any Greek
biblical book. But I believe Parson's Greek tutor CD has an audio feature in which
the letters and the diphthongs and each of the words in the vocabulary drills are
pronounced when you hit the right button. But the pronunciation has far too much of
an american twang for my taste, however close the speaker tries to get to Eramsmian


Jeffrey Gibson

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