Re: Audio Greek Bibles

From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 18:26:13 EST

Grant wrote:
>[ ...]

Hi Grant

If you're looking for tapes of the complete (koine) Greek NT, the quick
answer is that I'm pretty sure none is available. (Several people has
posted requests for this, so if you do find one, let us know.)


[As a (possibly) interesting aside: AudioForum publishes audio-tape
versions of complete NTs in several different languages (e.g. Swahili,
Lakota, ktl, ktl), including one in _modern_ Greek. Also, a complete Iliad
and a complete Odyssey. Heck, they even have complete NT in _Hebrew_.
But, alas, no koine version.]

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