Two Web-Based Greek Classes Now Available

From: Jay Adkins (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 08:56:23 EST

As the topic has come up from time to time, I thought this may be of some
interest to a few on the list. Reformed Theological Seminary now has two
classes for beginning Greek online. From reading through the material it
appears to be a review of Mounce's book, The Basics of Biblical Greek,
divided into two halves. There is other source material provided as well,
including the use of the program Greek Tutor. Find below their description
of the two classes as well as the web link.

I have as yet to find a online class for intermediate or advanced Greek.
Should any be aware of such please let me know.

Two Web-Based Greek Classes Now Available!
The Virtual Campus of Reformed Theological Seminary has identified the best
language acquisition tools on the market today for learning Greek and has
incorporated them into two complete instructional packages for earning
graduate credit at home.

This unique curricular approach is built around the premiere textbook on
learning Greek and is supplemented with a workbook, an interactive CD-ROM,
an audio-taped lecture series, plus numerous Internet-based study-helps.
These web enhancements include email instructor support and webnotes
covering textbook and workbook concepts. Check out Greek I and Greek II

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Sola Gratia,
Jay Adkins
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