Re: Two Web-Based Greek Classes Now Available

From: Rick L. Hammer (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 17:27:02 EST

  Although not of the online genre the University of Oklahoma does teach
  "Intermediate Prose: New Testament Greek" course in the self-study
  correspondence format. I'm currently finishing second semester
  Greek in the classroom and am considering a go at this intermediate
  over the summer. More info at

  Also, this is my first post to b-greek. I think this is a wonderful
  gathering place to discuss and learn. I'm an avocational Greek
  and am enjoying every minute of my learning experience both here and in
  classroom. Vocationally speaking, I am an information teechnology
  consultant here in Ft. Worth, Texas. I'm taking Greek at Southwestern
  Baptist Theological Seminary. Okay, more than you ever wanted to know.

  Rick Hammer

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