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From: Eric S. Weiss (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 00:20:10 EST

I haven't done any kind of study of this, but, e.g., in Romans 5:12-21,
Paul uses hAMARTIA and PARABASIS and PARAPTWMA, as well as CARISMA and
DWREA and DWRHMA. As he uses 3 different words for "gift," he likewise uses
3 different words for "sin" - and I don't think there are really technical
distinctions that should be pressed between the three "sin" words or the
three "gift" words. Except that he only uses hAMARTIA in the singular -
"sin" as a force that entered into the world through man's and men's
PARAPTWMATA/PARABASEIS - "sins". That might explain why in Romans 4:25
Christ died for our "PARAPTWMATA" rather than our "hAMARTIAI"

On 03/14/00, ""N & RJ Hanscamp" <>" wrote:
> Hi team
> Back from a long absence and settling into parish life, I have an interesting
> question posed on another list
> "The Greek word used for trespasses in Romans 4:25 is paraptoma, an
> infrequently used word. Does this have any significance as you read the
> text? How might the meaning differ if Paul had, instead, used the word,
> hamartia, the most commonly used word for sin?"
> Any comments??
> BTW. Auckland IS STILL the home of the America's cup.
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