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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 19:26:18 EST

At 2:53 PM -0600 3/14/00, Joseph A. Weaks wrote:
>When I do this, I search the electronic version of the Liddell-Scott
>Lexicon on Accordance. It is available on the Perseus web site,
>though I don't think you can search of English words there.
>Another suggestion is that Louw & Nida's Lexicon based on semantic
>domains would be a great resource for learning much NT vocabulary as
>you translate English to Greek.

Actually, you CAN submit English words to the Perseus LSJ Lexicon site and
the marvelous search engine there will find matches WITHIN the definitions
of Greek words and give you a sorted list of Greek words with the English
word sought in the definitions in the order of frequency. The same can be
done for Latin words in the Lewis & Short unabridged Latin Dictionary at
the Perseus site. Such a search can even be facilitated by the "all-in-one"
search page at the University of Kentucky Classics site which is chock-full
of slots for all sorts of searches. Many know this wonderful resource
already, but those who don't are pretty sure to find it useful: you can
toggle the word-search for the LSJ or Lewis & Short dictionaries to search
for either Greek or English or Latin or English words. Also at the site are
other language dictionaries and search engines for Classics resources in
general, Philosophy resources in general, and much else besides. The URL is:

Happy hunting!


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