Re: Greek words for joy

From: Harold R. Holmyard III (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 17:38:10 EST

Dear Vivian,
     I presume you do not have A Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament
and Other Early Christian Literature; here are its basic meanings (using
your transliteration):

euphraino: act.: gladden, cheer (up) tina someone; pass.: be glad, enjoy
oneself, rejoice, take delight in, be gladdened by, be merry

agalliaomai: exult, be glad, be overjoyed

chairo: rejoice, be glad (opposite of weep, often with epi, meaning to
rejoice over, be delighted; used as a formula of greeting = welcome, hail
(to you), good day, I am glad to see you: chairein tini legein = greet
someone, bid someone the time of day; elliptically at the beginning of a
letter: chairein = "greetings"

                                        Harold Holmyard

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