From: Roe (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 14:30:44 EST

I wrote:

> My theological bias leads me to want to understand THN EUPERISTATON
> hAMARTIAN to mean that the audience is to lay aside "sin (which
> ensnares)", and not a directive or appeal to lay aside "the [individual]
> sins [plural]".

Sorry for my lack of clarity. I realize that hAMARTIAN stands in the
singular, but wonder about the possibility that the author of Hebrews
(Paul or not) refers to individual sins, and not sin in general -- i.e.,
whether the author could mean that each in the readership is to "lay
aside" his or her personal short-coming, instead of meaning that each is
to lay aside sin in general.

Thanks again,


D. W. Roe
Rheinland/Pfalz, Germany

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