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>Greetings B-Greekers,
>In Heb. 12:1 we read Paul's

One clarification--- neither the text itself anywhere, nor the style, nor
the earliest theologians of the Church, assigned Hebrews to Paul.

>message to "lay aside every weight, and the
>sin which doth so easily beset us" -- OGKON APOQEMANOI PANTA KAI THN
>My theological bias leads me to want to understand THN EUPERISTATON
>hAMARTIAN to mean that the audience is to lay aside "sin (which
>ensnares)", and not a directive or appeal to lay aside "the [individual]
>sins [plural]". However, if my preferred reading were correct, would not
>the text simply read KAI EUPERISTATON hAMARTIAN -- omitting the article?

The article is not so standardized as this would imply. The reason this
passage is debated is because both readings are possible- and here again we
have to translate and then decide what it means. Your preconceptions will
lead you to a particular rendering while mine will lead me to another- and
yet the grammar, syntax, and meaning of the vers itself will lend themselves
to both. Translation, then, is art as much as science.
Your rendering, in short, is fine. But others are equally possible.

>Thanks for your consideration (and have a great weekend!),

you too!!!!



Jim West, ThD

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